Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure (+ 4 free e-Books)

The Complete Program + 4 FREE DIY Acupressure Tutorials: Boost Your Energy, Relax Your Neck & Shoulders, Sleep Better, Stay Healthy.

Bring Out Your Inner Glow
with Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure:

• The Daily Routine,
• The Express Routine,
• A la Carte Exercises for a rested and radiant look.

Lift, plump, tighten, boost, improve and glow by pressing on the right facial points.

After payment you will be sent by email your personal encrypted link to download 15 files (1 book + 4 Tutorials in 3 formats):
• PDF (fixed layout): can be read on all devices with Acrobat Reader,
• EPUB (reflowable layout): can be read on all devices except Kindle, including iBooks and Google Books,
• MOBI : can be read on all KINDLE devices,

(PDF, EPUB and KINDLE files) | 45 pages in A4 size

5 PDF, 5 EPUB and 5 MOBI
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