Boost Your Weight Loss With Acupressure (+4 free e-Books)

The Complete Program + 4 DIY Acupressure Tutorials: Boost Your Energy, Sleep Better, Relax your Neck & Shoulders, Stay Healthy.

Learn all the acupressure points and exercises you need to:
• Control your cravings
• Boost your metabolism
• Improve your digestion
• Dissolve water retention
• Boost your energy
• Manage your stress.

Losing weight is not easy. Make your weight loss program a success, add Acupressure to your daily routine!

After payment you will be sent by email your personal encrypted link to download 15 files (1 book + 4 bonuses in 3 formats):
• PDF (fixed layout): can be read on all devices with Acrobat Reader ,
• EPUB (reflowable layout): can be read on all devices except Kindle, including iBooks and Google Books,
• MOBI: can be read on all KINDLE devices.

PDF, EPUB and Kindle files | 80 pages (A4 size)

5 PDF, 5 EPUB and 5 MOBI
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